Michael Francis Gebhart Architects
Wasco Residence
Jackson, New Hampshire
The design of an open two-level mountainside home on 45 acres in Carter Notch Valley, provides all rooms with three views each toward Carter Notch, Black Mountain and the Tyrol Mountain Ski Area. Auto access from Carter Notch road to the auto arrival/parking zone is totally concealed in the foreground views from the house.
The upper ground floor contains the two level entry reception/mud-room/guest bath area leading to the circulation link connecting the master bedroom suite on the south end to the children’s bedroom suite on the north end. A sitting/ arrival zone links the entry to a two level open sculptural stair, and to the sky-lighted, two-level living, dining, kitchen areas on the lower ground floor .An 8 foot by 25 foot high granite block fireplace offers the main focus for the living room seating area.
The second floor overlooks the first floor with guest bedroom and study suites linked by a sky-lit art gallery bridge and game room.
The extensive access to natural light provides for an energy efficient design solution.
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