Michael Francis Gebhart Architects
The Ralph D. Turlington Florida Education Center
Tallahassee, Florida
The 19-story tower, for 1,500 Department of Education (D.O.E.) staff, defines the southwest corner of Capitol Center.
By turning the building and focusing it toward the Old Capitol, Mr. Gebhart anchored the southwest corner of the Capitol Center.
The northeast façade is on a perfect axis with the Old Capitol’s cupola, and there are excellent views of it from every floor.
Pedestrian plazas and other public amenities related to the wide open space corridor along King Boulevard. These plazas give the building a humane quality by offering a delightful place for pausing and spending time outdoors.
The building contains offices and conference facilities, a day care center, employee cafeteria, exhibition space, and underground parking. A bridge connects to the 500-car garage across the street.
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